USA Quickball

UpdatedWednesday January 10, 2018 byTulare Baseball.

USA Quickball was developed through countless hours of game play with baseball professionals, educators and kids of all ages. The series of Program Guides feature innovative "baseball-centric" games that enhance basic skills while providing much needed exercise, excitement and FUN!

In December, our Cal Ripken commissioner brought out the Quickball developers and representatives to show members of our TBA board, as well as our other neighboring Cal Ripken leagues, the game of Quickball.  Needless to say, we were all impressed and excited to bring the game of Quickball to our local leagues.  With that said, beginning the 2018 season we will be implementing Quickball into our Tball 4-5yr old division.

Each player will recieve a Quickball bat and ball which is theirs to keep. On what would be their game days, players will come out and do skill stations and a game of Quickball. No other practice days will be needed!   Quickball teaches baseball skills through game concepts such as Rapid Rotation, Two-Way Scoring and Timed Games.  It actively engages ALL players in every inning of the game.

Here are some key points that USA Quickball has given us:

  • Teaches diamond fundamentals using Quickball rules
  • Emphasizes value of teamwork and hustle
  • Provides scoring on offense and defense
  • Progressive week-to-week learning structure
  • Coaching guidance for league volunteers

We feel that our players here in Tulare will have a fun time learning baseball with USA Quickball! 


USA Quickball Video (YouTube)