Frequently Asked Question

UpdatedSunday May 13, 2018 byTulare Baseball.

Can my child play up an age group?
Ages 5,7,& 8 are the only ages that can request to be moved up to another division. All other ages must play in their divisions. To register for the next division up, simply choose the option on your registration page and the fee, if applicable, will be placed in your cart during checkout.

How does the fundraiser work?
A $50.00 fundraiser fee is added to the cost of your registration. This fundraiser is raffle tickets for great prizes.  Should you choose to sell your tickets, you can keep that money for yourself as reimbursement for a portion of your registration cost. That money DOES NOT need to come back to the Association unless you would like to donate it back. If you choose not to sell tickets, write your own name on them and turn them back in.  All tickets must be picked up on one of our walk-up registration or tryout dates.  Tickets will not be available for pickup on Opening Day. Any tickets not picked up on the designated days will be forfeited.  The raffle drawing will be held on Opening Night and all tickets must be returned prior to the drawing.

What are the requirements to play in Tulare Baseball League?
Your child must either live in the Tulare City boundaries or go to school at one of the Tulare area schools.  This includes Tulare City School District, Tulare Joint Union High School District, and all country schools within the Tulare area.

Do I need a copy of the birth certificate?
Yes, if this is your first year playing we will need a copy of your birth certificate. You can submit a copy at one of our walk-up registrations or by scanning and submitting a copy online during registration.  If you have previously played, we probably have a copy on file for you already.

What is the birthday cutoff date for my 4 year old to play?
Your child must be age 4 by May 1.  To view the age chart, click here.

When will we know what team my son will play on?
The league normally releases the team rosters approximately one month prior to Opening Day. With our new system, you should receive an email that will announce what team you have been placed on once the teams have been set.

Can I request a specific coach or to play on the same team as family or friends?
Special requests, such as coaches or friends to be paired with, can be made for ages 4-7.  All other ages division go through some type of draft and special requests cannot made. We try our best to fulfill special requests however, not all requests can be accommodated.

When will practices be held?
Practices and locations are determined by each individual coach.  Typically, coaches practice 3-4 days per week prior to their first game.  Once games begin, practices are reduced to 2-3 times per week. Your coach will discuss their practice schedule with your at the first practice.

When will we know the game schedule?
Game schedules are released approximately 1-2 weeks prior to Opening Day.  Schedules will be kept up to date on our website and your team pages.

How many games a week are played?
Each team, with the exception of Tball, normally have 2 games a week; one weekday game and one Saturday game. Games are typically not played on Wednesday, Fridays or Sundays unless a game needs to be made up due to canceled games.